BNC Connector

BNC Connector

EZCONN offer two impedance families with 50 & 75ohms and design for multiple PCB mount, edge mount, straight & R/A. It can be applied in PC/LAN, computer network testing & medical equipment, telescopic antenna, telecommunication, CATV, HDTV and security transmission systems.


Broad Band

Consumer Product

Application :
#Computer Network
#Test Equipment
#Process Control Device
#Antenna Holder with BNC Male & Female
#Broadcast & CATV (75 Ω)
#for plenum and other cables

Impedance50 Ω / 75 Ω
Temperature Range(-65°C to +165°C) (Teflon insulator)
Mating2-stud bayonet lock , provides quick mating and un-mating
Cable holder typeCrimp , Clamp
Body, Metal PartsBrass or Zinc Alloy
Center pin/ inner contact Plug: Brass      Jack: Brass, Phosphor Bronze, Beryllium Copper
InsulatorPTFE, POM, PA9T, TPX
O-ring or GasketSilicone or NBR
Crimp FerruleCopper alloy


05_straight  female  PCB  receptacle
05_straight female PCB receptacle
04_straight jack crimp type
04_straight jack crimp type
03_straight  female  jack
03_straight female jack
01_straight plug crimp type
01_straight plug crimp type