1.85mm Flexible Microwave Test & Measurement cable

1.85mm Flexible Microwave Test & Measurement cable

1.85mm RF/Microwave coaxial connector was designed to go beyond the SMA interface constraints, and as a result is NOT SMA compatible. Instead, maximum performance to the highest possible frequency that the geometry would allow, along with repeatable measurements after hundreds or even thousands of interconnects, were the design goals.

The connector outer conductor ID is 1.85 mm, and OD is 4.7 mm, allowing compatibility, so that the 1.85mm connector mates with the 2.4mm connector and has the same ruggedness. It’s a 50 Ohms connector with performance up to 67 GHz.




Health Care

Application :
#Benchtop testing
#Probe station integrations
#RF production testing
#RF Component/module testing
#ATE systems
#5G module/equipment testing
#Millimeter Wave (mm Wave)

1.85 to 1.85 Jumper Cable for 0.047、0.086 Flexible Cable
Frequency range : 0 ~ 65 GHz
VSWR : 1.45