EZconn Stakeholder ESG Questionnaire

EZconn will publish ESG report by annual for stakeholder engagement in terms of environmental, social and governance information disclosure. In order to fully understand your concern and interest for sustainability issues, we would greatly value your opinions and suggestions to serve as a reference point for sustainable information disclosure.
The purpose of this survey is only for helping EZconn to analyze and identify material sustainable issues without personal information will be collected.

1. Please indicate your relation with EZconn:
2. Have you read previous EZconn ESG reports?
3. To what extent are you concerned with the following ESG subjects :
Aspect Subject Description Very
Concerned Somewhat
Corporate governanceBOD organization and operations
Risk managementOrganization management and its risk analysis and risk control
Regulatory complianceCompliance with international and local regulations
Innovation ManagementR&D investment; product and service innovations
Operational performanceFinancial information such as revenue, investment, and profitability
Quality serviceProduct safety standards and quality reliability
Customer satisfactionManagement of customer relationships and satisfaction
Integrity/anti-corruptionMeasures to enhance integrity and anti-corruption
Supplier managementSelection, management, and audits of suppliers
Water resource managementMeasures and management of water use, wastewater, and water saving
Climate change and adaptationDisclosure the risk assessment of climate change, and the reduce and adjustment actions
Supplier Environmental AssessmentThe ISO 14001-implementation condition of suppliers
Waste managementWaste control and management; collecting recyclable resources
Green-product managementManagement of restricted substances; product eco-design
Energy-saving/carbon-reduction resultsEnergy-efficiency improvement measures and uses of renewable energy
GHG EmissionsCompany's (direct and indirect) emission of greenhouse gases and management policy.
Community participationThe results from participating in local activities
Investing in social welfareThe results from participating in charity activities
Occupational safety and sanitationManagement systems; accident prevention and response
Employee remuneration and welfareEmployee salary structure and welfare policies
Training and developmentEmployee training/learning and performance evaluation
Communication between employees and managementNegotiation and communication channels between employees and management
Talent recruitmentEmployee recruitment and employee structure
Employee human rightsHuman rights protection policies, measures, and training
4. Any other opinions, suggestions or new issues you wish to recommend, please describe: